6 Best ways to track lost iPhone without using iCloud

6 Best ways to track lost iPhone without using iCloud

How to track iPhone without using iCloud

Finding lost iPhone is kind of easy these days. Infact, you may not need iCloud to find lost iPhone - that's, tracking and finding your lost iPhone is possible without a backed-up of your personal data, photos, vidoes, apps or contact list.

Gone at the days when iCloud alone is the only option available to track lost iPhone, it will be a nightmare when your iPhone get lost, especially when you are in a situation where by you don't recently backed up your personal data and information.

Tracking and finding lost iPhone is determined whether the device is somewhere nearby or faraway. However, it but may required access to an iCloud account to locate your phone if you don't have a third-party tracking app already installed on it.

Nevertheless, there are new ways to find or track missing iPhones. As implies in this article topic that led you here, I will explain how you can find your lost iPhone in six (6) simple methods.

How to track lost/missing iPhone without iCloud.

In this section, I will describe six (6) simple methods to find your missing iPhone:

How Find Lost iPhone Using "Find My iPhone App".

Using Apple's Find My iPhone App is the first methods to find lost/missing iPhone I will be explaining in this article. This app is one of the go-to option when trying to track missing iPhone.

Find My Friends App

Find My iPhone App uses GPS from another internet connected device to track the missing iPhone location - it let you to see your lost or stolen iPhone on a map as its movements are tracked and traced in real time via your device's built-in GPS. For Instance, if you forgot your phone on a bus, you can see the phone continual movement along the vehicle's route until it reaches its destination. If the phone is online, it will indicate with a green dot, and if it is offline, it will also indicate with a gray dot where it was last located.

Use Google Map History to Find Lost iPhone.

This is the second methods you can use to find missing or stolen iPhone. If you have a Google account and have enabled your location history to be saved by Google Maps, you can simply login your Google Map Account via your Google Account on another internet connected device, and search through your location history.

Google Map History

For maximum results, narrow through the time frame to the exact time missing your iPhone and now (time of searching). You should see the last ping, that is, the last time your device communicated with a cellular tower. So navigate down your phone's whereabouts. This will enables you to discover the location of your when it active. However, but if your phone is switched off or put into airplane mode, it will not continue to ping.

Find Lost or Stolen iPhone by Using Dropbox Camera Upload

This is the most interesting aspect I love most when finding stolen iPhone. This method doesn't require iCloud or access to GPS. So if the person that stole your iPhone disabled the "Find My iPhone app", and put your iPhone on airplane mode so that you will not be able to track it, "Dropbox Camera Upload" is the next option to find your stolen iPhone if you have installed the app on your iPhone.

Dropbox Camera Upload

Dropbox app will not give you the GPS location of your phone, but it can help you identify who stole the iPhone. If the thief takes any photos with your iPhone, Dropbox will uploads the images simultaneously to your Dropbox account. So from there, you can easily identify the theif and his/her location.

Use a Third-party App to Find Your Lost iPhone

There are many third-party apps and software that can help you find your lost or stolen iPhone. All you need to do is login to the app and it will remotedly locate your phone.

These apps comes with prices and they are available the App Store for iPhones - IHound, GPS Tracker,My Found Cast and as well Navizon app are four (4) easy-to-use apps that don’t use iCloud. Unless the theif knows the third-party app is there. Nevertheless, they may not know how to disable it. See below this article for third-party apps use in finding lost iPhone (the complete guide).

Use Your Apple Watch to Find Your Lost iPhone.

If you are the type that fancy the use of gadget and fortunately for you - you have an Apple Watch, you can simply track your stolen iPhone through it.

Apple watch

However, you don't need to have access to your iCloud or GPS, this method works if the stolen device is in near proximity. These two (2) devices (that's, the missing iPhone and your Apple watch) should still be connected over Wi-Fi or through Bluetooth.

So, to get started with tracking, go to your Apple Watch's home screen. Swipe up to reveal the Control Center, where you should see an indicator that your iPhone is connected in green text or by green phone icon. To find it, tap the Pinging iPhone icon. The iPhone will respond with a sound which you can follow to locate it.

Use a Friend "Find My iPhone App" to Find Your Missing iPhone

This is the last method I will be explaining in this article. However, it will requires someone close to you to help you with this method. But it can be useful in a pinch. If you and a close associate or family member or friends use the "Find My Friends app" to share each other's location, you can go to their Find My Friends app to find your iPhone's current location.

Find My iPhone App

To setup "Find My Friends" app with a friend or family member ahead of time, follow these below steps by step instructions:

  • Firstly, open the *Find My Friends* app on your iPhone.
  • Tap *Location Services Off* at the bottom of the app dashboard.
  • Slide to *Share My Location*, choose it and tap done.
  • Tap *Add Friend* to choose friend or anyone you want to use contact information.
  • Tap *Share Indefinitely* as prompted
  • Tell your chosen contact to open the *Find Friends* app and select *Accept*

Now, you will be able to see your iPhone's location on your chosen contact *Find My Friends* app. However, your chosen contact can choose not to share their location with you by clicking *Don't Share*

Best Third-party Apps to Find Your Lost iPhone.

Third-party apps are other good ways to find a lost, missing or stolen iPhone. There are many of these apps that exist, however, they comes with reasonable price and are available on App Store for iPhones. Without much Ado, kindly visit this page - *Best 5 Third-party Apps to Find Lost iPhone*.

Here comes to the conclusion of Best Methods to Track or Find Lost/Missing iPhone without using iCloud. I hope you find this article interesting? Please join any of our social media pages and drop your opinion and correction in the comments box below. Cheers!.


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