Google Wallet: How to use Google Pay in Nigeria [100% Working]

Hello guys, welcome to the 100 percent complete guides of using Google Pay (Google wallet) in Nigeria.

Google Pay in Nigeria

First thing first, does Google Pay or Google wallet works in Nigeria? The sincere answer to that question is No! Currently, Google did not extend GPay service to Nigerians.

However, you don't need to bother about that, as this article will teach you everything you need to know about using Google Pay and Google wallet in Nigeria.

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Google wallet (pay) is a mobile application designed by Google LLC that let users make wallet out if their smartphone. This wallet is currently working in US and UK. However, Nigerians too can also gain access to some benefits in the system. So, how does Google wallet (pay) works in Nigeria? Or how can I use Google Pay (wallet) in Nigeria?

What is Google Wallet?

Google wallet is a secure, fast, reliable, free and seamless way of paying for good and services purchased online or in store. Also, with Google wallet, you can send and receive money from friends and family that uses Google wallet.

The world has filled with plenty of electronics payment methods. These payment services are one way or the other linked to a certain financial institution for transactions to go on so easy. In addition, these financial institutions issues card (either credit card, debit card or prepaid card) that can be use at the automated teller machine (atm) or at the POS terminal to settle payments. Google wallet (pay) is one of the online payment platform with different.

How Google wallet (pay) works?

Google wallet works as substitutes to your actual bank card (credit card, debit card or prepaid card), with their virtual copies created on the GPay app. So you do not need to walk around with the plastic bank cards.

Google wallet store coupons, offers and loyalty cards for shoppers. When you shop with Google wallet at Google single tap (verified) merchant locations (like grocery store, eateries etc), you can also earn some Google offers, loyalty points and coupons. 

Google wallet can also store your gift cards, loyalty cards, offers and credit cards. Still, Google has plans to broad the capabilities of Google Wallet by allowing it to store keys, ID, tickets and boarding pass. It illuminates any physical need of an actual wallet.

Google wallet (pay) currently supports a Google Prepaid Card, Discover Card, Citi Master Card, Visa Card, MasterCard and American Express. One of this card can used to fund Google wallet in Nigeria.

So, you are required to obtain one of those cards and fund it with money. In the future, Google has plans to add all types of credit cards that people are using today. You need to store your physical bank card into a mobile phone application using the Google Wallet application.

In addition, Google Wallet also works with Google Offers. This service helps to deal with services and products relevant to your search location and term while you are using apps, like Google Offers, Shopper, Latitude, Google Maps and Google Search. After you make your searches and save the offers – they will synchronise automatically with other applications. You may need to use Google Wallet when you shop at the merchant location.

How Google wallet works in Nigeria.

Nigeria can't use the full features of Google wallet yet, but you can use it with credit card to access some of it functions such as sending and receiving money with Gmail of the Google wallet service. This feature were added by Google two (2) years ago.

To send and receive money, you will need to have a Google wallet account with a valid credit card linked to it. See below to learn how to create your Google wallet account.

How to set up Google wallet account in Nigeria.

To set up your Google wallet account in Nigeria, you will need to have a Gmail, credit card, debit card or prepaid card. Once you have these information, you may proceed to the set up.

  • Go-to and create an account with your Gmail.
  • Once you've created your account, proceed to link your bank card.
  • Your account is ready.

You can then proceed to download Google pay app on Playstore. But before you can be able to download it in Nigeria, you will need a paid VPN or simply download it from any APK app store available on the web.

How to Send Money with Google wallet in Nigeria

Follow the simple step-by-steps guides to simply send money to another Google wallet users.

Sending Money From Google Wallet Dashboard

  • Login to your Google wallet account via app or web.
  • Login using your registered Gmail account.
  • Navigate and click on compose tab
  • Enter the receiver Gmail address
  • Enter message or reason (this is optional)
  • Navigate through and click on currency icon - $ for recipient in US while £ for recipient in UK.
  • Enter amount you want to send
  • And click on "send" to complete your transactions.

It's free and seamless to send and receive money for the UK users with using their debit cards, credit card and Google Wallet Balance. US users also can easily send and obtain money with using their debit cards, credit cards, prepaid card and Google Wallet Balance.

How to Receive Money to your Google Wallet Account in Nigeria.

To receive money from US and UK to your Google wallet account in Nigeria, follow the below instructions.

Receive Money to your Google wallet account

  • Login to your Google Account or Gmail Account
  • Open the mail sent about money sent into your Google wallet account
  • Claim the Money in the mail
  • Verify your Google wallet identity
  • Then receive money into your Google wallet balance or your attached bank card.

That's the simple way to receive or claim money sent to your Google wallet account.

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