How to Bypass Bank Card OTP Verification

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How to Bypass Bank OTP Verification

Banks use Two-Factor Authentication for each login attempt on their online banking platform. This helps them keep their customers finances safe from theft. If you do not want to use your real number with your banks, you can always use a verified virtual number for your bank.

Virtual numbers represent a great advantage for banking since they let you verify your login with a one-time password sent to the number no matter your location. Expats and travelers often use virtual phone number services for their banking purposes because it lets them verify their account.

No system is secured at a 100% even banks are not that secure. Though they use a well secured method for keeping customer accounts safe, hackers still find a way to bypass Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and this is how they get to do it. They intercept the code from your carrier and gain access to your account. Some hackers usually use SIM swapping to bypass bank OTP verification.

But banks have improved security methods which they keep on developing overtime. So if you planned on bypassing someone else’s account OTP verification for your own good, we advice you to abandon such activities as it can get you penalized by the law.

If you no longer want to use OTP or secure pass to login to your bank account anytime, here is how you can bypass the bank OTP verification:

1. Login to your bank account

2. Go to Settings>>Security and disable Two-Factor Authentication (Steps might differ depending on your bank)

3. A code will be sent to your email or number registered with them.

4. Copy the code and paste the code into the field and confirm the changes

Now you won’t be required to enter OTP anytime you want to login.

How to Bypass OTP in Online Payments

To shop online with a credit card or bank, you will need to provide an OTP which is required by merchants to confirm you are the legit owner of the account. There are many possibilities that might push you to look for methods to shop online without OTP.

You might have bought a credit, debit or prepaid card from a provider that didn’t explain the basics to you and when you want to shop online, you will be asked an OTP and if the credit card wasn’t registered with your account, you will find it difficult to shop online with it.

You might find something great online and you do not have a credit card to make the payment, then you got figured out that you can use mum or dad’s credit card to perform the online payment and then you discovered that you need to bypass OTP for the online payment and purchase what you want without

Those are some of the many possibilities that might push you to look for methods to bypass OTP in online payments. No matter what your reason may be we got you covered.

Here are 3 methods that will help you bypass OTP in online payments and shop online without OTP with credit cards:

1. Grab a fake billing address for the card (making sure the billing address matches that of the card)

2. Switch your IP to that of the card’s location with the help of a VPN .

3. Use a genuine and trusted virtual phone number .

How to Bypass OTP in Carding

Carding is a cybercrime referred to the trafficking and unauthorized use of stolen credit cards or credit card numbers — which are then used to buy prepaid gift cards to cover up the tracks. Activities also encompass exploitation of personal data, and money laundering techniques.

Most carders know one way or the other, they may be confronted to OTP when using credit cards that are not theirs — that’s why they always have a set of tools known as “carding tools” which include OTP bypass tools and methods.

However, just as others will do, carders can use verified phone numbers to bypass OTP on any website they try to access — and as such, it will be even easier to bypass OTP in carding.

Here is how to bypass OTP in Carding:

Pick-up a verified phone number provider from this list

Signup and follow the steps, you can use fake details if you want

Select a number and if required, purchase one to guarantee your success

Use the number gotten to bypass OTP in any site or app.

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