Alright so, many people are asking me if the tutorial I made last year about  the Tax Refunds is still the same as the current one ? The answer is straight forward, Yes !.The only difference is that, you can't put any random figures because IRS will check all your tax figures before you get paid. 

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

Please I will edge you all to follow the step by step method I'm about to share, I won't be using screenshot this around due to some security reasons. But I want to make this tutorial very simple and understandable. initially, I did a not want to post this tutorial because  last year many reports confirms many people identity were stolen for this Tax Returns, Base on that, IRS cross check the figures you enter plus the one's they have on their database making it difficult to pass through. The below was the information sent to the FBI 

Investigators started targeting people involved in the BEC scam in May 2019 and discovered that "the conspirators stole more than 250,000 identities and filed more than 10,000 fraudulent tax returns, attempting to receive more than $91 million in refunds," according to Chief Don Fort of IRS Criminal Investigation.

BEC Now A $26 Billion Online Fraud

According to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), between June 2016 and July 2019, there were over 166,000 domestic and international reports of email scams resulting in more than $26 billion in losses, up from a previous estimate of $12 billion.

In 2018 alone, nearly $1.3 billion, which is almost twice as much as 2017, in loses was reported from BEC scams and its variant, Email Account Compromise.

"Through Operation rewired, we're sending a clear message to the criminals who orchestrate these BEC schemes: We'll keep coming after you, no matter where you are," said FBI Director Christopher A. Wray.

"And to the public, we'll keep doing whatever we can to protect you. Reporting incidents of BEC and other internet-enabled crimes to the IC3 brings us one step closer to the perpetrators. "Several US authorities led this operation, including the FBI, over two dozen US Attorney's Offices, US Secret Service, Homeland Security Investigations, IRS Criminal Investigation, US Postal Inspection Service, and US Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service.

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That's just by the way, I'm going to walk through how to file  this Tax Refunds  because there some calculations we need to do when filing for Tax Refunds so lets get started.

 NOTE: The Below information is only for educational purpose, I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

TurboTax Refunds method 2022

Before I start, get it in mind, you will need the tools to get this method done 


  • RDP OR 911 vpn
  • DOB as shown on the SSN
  •  SSN
  • Complete address on SSN
  •  Full name on SSN
  • Background checker
  • Text Now or Google voice number 
  • Create a separate email  

The fact that I said SSN does not mean you should use just any fullz, make sure the fullz you are going to use has got high score from 700 upwards. Ones you are through with the above requirement don't just go to and start filing for tax return. rather follow the below steps.

1. First thing first do a background search of the ssn and check for recent or previous company the ssn holder is working or has worked for .

2. Ones you get the company name, just browse website 

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

3. Then insert the company name you got from the background search in the search bar of and click on Search
Meleki Update : tubo tax return

4. The EIN of the company and other details should pop up

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

Since we now have the EIN number we are looking for, lets now go and check the company assets 

5. Now browse the Benefits pro website by clicking on

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

6. Making account with by clicking on signup button 

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

7. After clicking on signup, A  new page will pops up, Enter  the separate  email  you created , then choose the rest of the information like in the screenshot 

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

8. Now enter any information here you can use dead fullz information here, but your email must be correct because they will send information there.

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

 9. After creating and verify the account,  Enter the company name you got from in steps 4 in the search bar, make sure to enter zip and state as it appeared on

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

10. When you get your result just note the asset amount  down 

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

Now keep the above information you have gotten so far some where safe, let move to the second steps of the tutorial, now we are moving irs website to do some calculation before we are start the main

11. So the next to do is to go Irs calculator website using this link ====> 

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

12. They will first ask : What filing status will you use for your tax return? choose  Married filing jointly.
Meleki Update : tubo tax return

13.Do you (or will you) or your spouse have a job that regularly withholds federal income taxes from your paychecks? Check the YES  box .

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

14. Just check the box like the below screenshot. and click on Next
Meleki Update : tubo tax return

15.On my 

My First Income Source page check the box like in the below screenshot 

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

16.Using your or your spouse’s most recent paystub:  Fill in the details like below

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

17. You can manipulate the figures else fill in like the below ;  

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

18. Choose I don't have any other source of income and click on Next.

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

19.  On this page just click on Next.

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

20. Now the below amount  is what I will get from if I file for TurboTax.

Meleki Update : tubo tax return

Now its time to file the Tax Refunds , All you will need to do now just click on this link =====> its will direct you to were the tutorial is post.

Take Note  that, the tutorial was posted last year but  the process is the same. The trick is very simple just use the figures you used in the  Irs calculator website to file when filing for the tax refund.


Finally done with TurboTax Refunds method 2022, From the year method I filed as single but this year make sure to file as married filing joint. Incase you are ask for federal income multiply total wedges by 20% and enter that amount. so if you your total wedges is $1000 multiply by 20% = 200. one last thing make sure your 911 or vpn is on from the beginning to the end.  Please don't forget to support me by Subscribing to my YouTube Channel