2023/2024 Tips To File For TurboTax Refund

In this article I will enlighten us on how we can file for  a tax refund on TurboTax freely using the free edition offer. You could speed the process of getting your tax refund paid with the other offers, but in this content I will be teaching us with the $0 option cause It’s for free.  

You can file tax for yourself or friends or relatives or anyone that doesn’t know how to file it you can help, so as you’re filing tax for the person or with your listening friend, then you will have to get all the required information ready: 

  1. Your form 1099-G (Certain Government Payment) it shows the total amount of your unemployment benefits that you have received for the tax year, Arrange all your tax documents complete.
  2. You most have the bank that matches the information you want to us and you will also use the bank info to edit your W-2 form cause the form will be needed.

To begin filling for refund money there are few steps that you need to pass through if you are using purchase identity, last year I wrote a content that gives use FORMAT on how to get friends identity. You can read the FMT HERE.       

This is necessary Once if the all required details are complete with you, you can now open your browser to search for TurboTax website, How main topic will start like this. 

2023 TurboTax Refund Guide

Without getting declined by TurboTax or IRS there Some information will be needed from use to file this method successfully without getting declined. 

 2023 TurboTax Required Information 

You will need fullz with the below pieces of information:  

  1. Full Name 
  2. Create an email with SSN full name 
  3. SSN 
  4. Address
  5. Date of Birth 
  6. Copy of W-2 form with information (Download) 
  7. VPN (Very Important) 
  8. Google Voice/Text Now/Real USA Number (bonus) 
  9. Any Governmental  ID Number, Drivers license  

Note: I posted this article last year, and the procedures are the same. But since I don't want to pause and continue this tutorial, I will upload where I stop into my google drive. Now let's start with the main tutorial : 

 1. Connect your VPN to your SSN address state. Check your identity on whoer.net.

 2. Visit the TurboTax website and scroll down and look for "File your own taxes," and click on Start For Free.   

3.Select "I have a job" and scroll down, Choose the options I have selected below

4. When you start, choose file for $0, if you don’t have usa number, you can skip verification.    

5.Fill in the necessary information and click on create an account, .Since you don’t have ID pic, click SKIP   

6. Put your ssn fullz info here, don’t copy paste mine, and it can be from ANY state in usa, doesn’t need to be same as mine.

7. Do as below

8. Choose JOB and click on START

9. Click on AGREE

10. NO for all the questions

11. For the first page, choose NO. enter the address attached to the ssn fullz you are using.

12. Put phone number there, if you don’t have it, you can click on SKIP. For the next page, choose NO

13. With the Job Occupation, I put secretary there, doesn’t mean u should all put same thing there, you can be innovative with yours. Or you can put real job position there if you got background info.

14. For this next page, choose the PLUS option, it is $29 but will show a trick at page  33 so you don’t pay the money yourself. Click GET PLUS

15. Click on ADD MY INCOME, and choose WORK ON MY W-2

16. The Employer ID is very very important, you will ONLY GET PAID if the employer ID Number is correct, so the best thing to do here is use truthfinder or any background site to get the name of the company the fullz works at, then get the EIN by searching here www.eintaxid.com If you don’t have a background site too, you can try putting the full name of the person on google, you might get lucky and get his Facebook or LinkedIn account with job info attached, you then go back to www.eintaxid.com to get the EIN for free, the google option is based on luck and doesn’t mean u can get everyone’s occupation with that.

17. You can copy the calculated figures but don’t copy my EIN, it is wrong, follow the process I showed above.

18. Click Continue. On the next page, click on NONE OF THESE APPLY TO ME.

19. Choose NO

20. Choose NO for all.

21. NO.

22. Continue with Standard.

23. Choose NO. Done with Tax Breaks.

24. Continue

25. Choose NO. Let Keep going.

26. Continue

27. Continue

28. If you want to find the COUNTY of an address, go to www.whatcountyamiin.com

29.Go to google and search for any school and Tax district code in the county you got above, put the code there. Click on DONE WITH INCOME. 

31. None of the above. 

32. No. Continue. 

33. Done with credit and taxes 

34. Continue 

35. Done

36. Done with State. 

37. Review the Order. 

38. Pay the TurboTax fees with Federal fund, they deduct ONLY after you get paid. 

39. Choose Direct Deposit, when asked how to receive refund. 

40. You can put any bank info here, if you have prepaid card too, put it there, the name doesn’t need to match the ssn info. 

41. When asked how to pay state taxes, tell them to debit from bank after tax refunds is paid 

42. I want to e-file

43. If you got real info, put it there, if not just random but it has to make sense. 

44. Continue.

45. JOB DONE!!!!... 

46. TAXES DONE!!!... 


  •  You need the following information to check your Refund status; 

  1. The SSN you used 
  2. The Marital status you wrote down
  3. The exact refund amount you were given when filing. 

With the above information ready, go to this website www.irs.gov/refunds  

  •  Put the info here and click SUBMIT.

  •  After the application, if the refunds have been accepted, this is what you will see, remember this updates after 24 hours atleast so isn’t instant. 

  • After some days, if the refunds get accepted, this what will show  

Once I get paid, will post the pic on the channel too.