Tax Refund 2024: The Ultimate Guide to File 2024 Tax Refund Method

In this tutorial, I walk you through the ultimate guide to the new Tax refund source for the 2023/2024 tax year. This method is mostly for clients with or without a job and can forge being a freelancer or someone who is into Farming. If you have a jobless pal, you can follow this guide from the Start to the end, which can earn up to $98K in this year's Tax return. 

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Some common FAQs I have been getting about this Tax🔥

Que 1• BigTech is the AGI number very important, if yes how can we get it??
ANS; The AGI is one of the most important questions they will ask, and it the main thing they verify, if you get it wrong, you won’t be paid, the only way to verify the person filing is to ask you for last year’s AGI number, if you get it correct, your application will be accepted 💯.

Que 2• All those figures(transcript ) we see being filled in the w4 including the wages, ssn wages, ssn taxes withheld and others , how can we get them ??
Or we are supposed to copy and paste the same figures in the tutorials we see??
ANS; Remember over 50k+ people are going through the same pdf, imagine everyone copying the same figures.. I will teach y’all how to get the correct figures from IRS, and then you can add some numbers to it so your tax refund money will go higher

Que 3• If the client didn’t file for tax last year, what should we write when they ask for last year AGI???
ANS;  $0

Que 4• Can we copy the EIN and schedule f in the PDF ???
ANS : Like I said, it not good to write the exact same thing everyone is writing, be innovative, it not even by force to choose schedule f (farming) you can read on them and choose another option, it all depends on you..
EIN can be gotten from free at irs. gov

Que 5• Seeing all this talk about IDme and others, I didn’t see that in the tut, why do people need them???
ANS : Will teach u that today

How To Change your MAC address for Free

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It changes your PC MAC address/fingerprint , so they won’t know you are using the same computer to do many jobs.

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What is AGI

Adjusted gross income, also known as (AGI), is defined as total income minus deductions, or "adjustments" to income that you are eligible to take.

Gross income includes wages, dividends, capital gains, business and retirement income as well as all other forms income.

Examples of income include tips, rents, interest, stock dividends, etc.

Adjustments to income are deductions that reduce total income to arrive at AGI.

Examples of adjustments include half of the self-employment taxes you pay; self-employed health insurance premiums; contributions to certain retirement accounts (such as a traditional IRA); student loan interest paid; educator expenses, etc.

AGI = Adjusted gross income

It is not the Gross salary of client, don’t mix the the two, it just an adjusted amount IRS has calculated for u like a password, so they can ask u the following year, to verify if u are the same person who did it the recent year

How To Find My Last Year AGI

Taxslayer: 2024 tax refund

You can find your previous AGI on your 2022 federal tax return to use as a guide. Please refer to Line 11 if you filed a Form 1040.

Your AGI is calculated before you take your standard or itemized deduction on Form 1040.

Image of Form 1040's rows 9 through 15

Important reminder: If you are using the IRS Free File Guided Tax Software and you are filing using the Married Filing Jointly filing status, the $79,000 AGI eligibility amount applies to your combined AGI.

Refer to the 1040 instructions (Schedule 1)PDF for more information on Additional Income and Adjustments to Income.


How To Calculate AGI

For an instance

Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)=gross income–adjustments

Gross Income=Total income. Income from all sources of income.

Adjustments=Expenses the taxpayer paid for with income that the government deems should not be taxed.

Bob’s Income:

$50,000 salary/wages

$12,000 in rental income

$8,500 wages earned as a part-time Uber driver

$500 from interest from bonds

Gross Income=$71,000

Adjustments from his gross income:

$250 in educator expenses

$2,500 in student loan interest


Subtracting the Adjustments ($2750) from the Total Income ($71,000), Bob’s AGI is $68,250.



Ok so time to add the tax refund scope🤫

The reason I am pushing everything is cos I want a lot of guys to make money this year too, a lot of guys cashed out last year, some quit and deflected to legit businesses, some are still here and most importantly, I got introduced to a lot of Professional connects🔌, just bcos of this website..

So this year I will teach EVERYTHING step by step like I am teaching a baby, if by year end atleast 40% of members here don’t cashout atleast $20k, then I have failed 😣..

So don’t sit on the face, let make some fucking money💰, cos those making money aren’t better than you🙅‍♀️

Requirements for Tax Refund

  • Verified
  • Full Name on ID
  • Pal's Number
  • SSN
  • Front and Back of DL or ID
  • Create an email in the client's name.
  • Any Correspondence EIN details
  • Current Address
  • Good IP RDP or Socks 
  • Bank Details: Account Number & Routine Number 

$98k Tax Refund Sauce for 2023/2024 

NOTE: Pls don’t use prepaid card, only bank account work

Bank Name has to match, if u don’t have that, use a business account, since names don’t appear on business account


Rules are sometimes meant to be broken, u can still use the online prepaid account if it matches with fullz info , tho it something I won’t really do..

Reason I don’t like prepaid is because I have seen several instances where people got paid their tax money and then the prepaid account got locked next day with money in it, some got lucky to take it before.

How to file for Tax Refunds without using IDme🔥🔥


How to bypass and file for tax without it and yet get all the AGI and transcripts figures from IRS correct

Before I move on with this heading tut, need to post this first, if u have read the tutorial about how to get the transcript and AGI using and you want your client to create it, follow this video to do it;

*First, ensure your IP address is clean. Change your IP correctly to USA only by using VPN / Socks or RDP, You can check this using any IP detector website like in addition always make sure your time zone is accurate with you current IP and location.

After Checking your IP correctly, go to your Browser and open the in a new tap. And then Click “Get your Tax Record

* From this page you will Click on “Get Transcript by mail”

* This page you will Click OK 

* You will be asked to input the name and address and SSN/ ITIN , make sure to input the correct address attached to the name, or else they won’t take it.

* Click continue , you can choose both 2022 and 2023 to be on the safe side , so u don’t wait for nothing.

* It will take 5-10 days for it to reach client home address.

As for the IP PIN they will ask u to create a new one, so the previous year own isn’t as important as the AGI, and with the transcript, it best to ask for the 2022 one since they asked for 2022 AGI {alertSuccess}

If you are filing the tax, they will ask u to input a new IP pin and to remember it so u just generate, it either you guys didn’t read the pdf I sent or felt lazy.

• If client never file before , previous AGI is $0

•• If client never file before, don’t waste your time asking for transcript cos u won’t get anything proper.

How to file for the tax refunds with

How to file for Tax Refunds using;

*First, ensure your IP address is clean. Change your IP correctly to USA only by using VPN / Socks or RDP, You can check this using any IP detector website like in addition always make sure your time zone is accurate with you current IP and location.

* After Checking your IP correctly, go to your Browser and open the in a new tap. And then Click “Sign in to your Account
* The next page will open, which happens to be your decision to make maybe you’re signing in for individual or business, but for the sake of this tut we will be signing as an individual.

* From this page, you will have to sign in your so irs can help us locate our data.

* Input your logins details and click on Sign in.

* You will be asked for code, so those who want to use someone’s IDme without client help, u are in for trouble.

* This is how your Account logged in page will look like. Now click on MENU.

* Once you Clicked on the Menu, a side bar will pup up, Click on Tax Records.

* Now this is the popular AGI they have being disturbing our ears with, every account has it unique 2022 AGI so pls don’t copy this for yourself. Once you write your AGI in the application, it will be accepted.

AGI = Adjusted gross income

It is not the Gross salary of client, don’t mix the the two, it just an adjusted amount IRS has calculated for u like a password, so they can ask u the following year, to verify if u are the same person who did it the recent year

* Now to get the figures to fill when going the tax , on the same IRS page where you saw the AGI, scroll down👇👇 and you will see this, click on GET TRANSCRIPT

* Click on Federal Tax for the Reason

Gross wage isn’t AGI

Gross wage isn’t AGI

Gross wage isn’t AGI

Gross wage isn’t AGI

* Click 2022, remember we are filing for the tax year of 2023, so the year before is 2022.. don’t make mistake to click 2023

* You will see the figures of wages and tax statement, you can decide to write the exact same amount or add some figures to inflate your money.
“But if client already told u last year’s AGI, u don’t need to go through all this..  But AGI is different from gross wages”

Above are the steps you need to follow While claiming your tax refunds with 🆔.me, so now we’re done with that let’s move to the main method of the content.

How to file Tax Refund with Taxslayer

Bellow, I’ll be sharing with us Step by step Guide how I Filed my 2024 Tax. For the sake of this tut, in this Steps, I’ll be filing Tax As a Self Employed farmer. 

* Open a new tab on your browser. Then head to and Click Continue.

* Remember as I said earlier, we’re Filing for a Farm which that supposed to mean we’re Self Employed, So Choose the Self Employed options by clicking “Start for free”.

* Check the box to “agree to the concept to use terms” type the Full name in the Column below 

* To proceed in this page Click on Continue 


* Click on Skip

* Now fill in the client's first & last name, DOB, SSN and occupation.

* Click on Continue to move on to the next page.


* Then fill in the white head address. Choose Residency status based on his choice.

* Click on Continue to move on to the next page.

* Leave this as it was and Scroll down to the bottom 

* Click on Continue 

* Choose Single for the filing status and Continue.

* Do you have any dependents or qualified persons to claim on your return? Choose No and continue.


* Pick Yes for this section.

* After Confirming your Informations are Correct,  Click on Continue.

* Choose Select my Forms and Continue.

* Click on Begin 

* fill in your Farmer Registered EIN and some other necessary information.

* Follow this Steps like this 

* This the calculations

* Just Continue.


* Choose Begin With Social Expenses 

* Be sure your Expenses Calculations are correct 👍 

* As this too 

* Also ensure the utilities amount is correct and Click on Continue 

* From this page, Scroll Down to the bottom 

* Click on Continue.

* Click Continue 

* From this page, Scroll down to the bottom.

* Here you will confirm if your informations are correct like EIN and your Name, Then Continue.


* Click on Continue.

* Here your will see where I Highlighted, it says “other income Not reported elsewhere” in front of that Click on Begin 

* Heat you go, input a income description and Put the correct Amount 

* Click Continue 


* From this screen you’ll Click “Payment & Estimates

* Click Begin With “other Federal withholdings”

* input the Correct Amount and Click on Continue. 

* Confirm the Amount and Click Continue.


* Scroll down to the bottom 

* Click Continue

* Scroll down to the bottom.

* Herr you choose NO and hot on Continue 


* Scroll down to the bottom. 

* Click on Skip State return.

* Confirm the Amounts, Scroll down to the bottom.

* Click on Continue


* From this page you will be asked if you’re ready to File? Choose YES

* Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

* Click on File & Go.

* Click on Continue.


* Since we would like to get paid VIA Account no and Routine no, we would Choose Direct Deposit, then hit on Continue 

* Click on Continue

* Click No Thanks


* Click No Thank.

* Click No Thanks.

* Scroll down to the bottom.

* Click on “Sign and File your Return”.

* Here you will be asked to submit your Bank Account informations. Where your payment will be paid to. so your will input your Bank name, Account number, Routine Number and select your account Type, it could be Checking or Savings. 
NOTE 🗒️: Don’t use prepaid to File. This is only for Demonstration.


* Once your payment method is added Click Continue 

* From this page you’ll be asked to input ID information, Ensure you input the information correctly . 

* Go through the informations again and make sure it’s all correct and Click on Continue.

Taxslayer: 2024 tax refund


* Ensure your check the box to Agree to all terms and Sign with your Full name then Click on Continue.

Taxslayer: 2024 tax refund

* This page is one of the most important page, where you need to tell IRS about your AGI. If Client filled his/her 2022 return last year, Tick the first box, if client did not, tick the third box and Click on Continue.

Taxslayer: 2024 tax refund


* Choose the type of form you recently filled for.

Taxslayer: 2024 tax refund

* Input your AGI amount for the year you’re filing for, which I explained earlier in this article, how exactly you can get your AGI Amount 

Taxslayer: 2024 tax refund

* Enter and Random figures, Note it Down and then Click on Continue.

Taxslayer: 2024 tax refund


* click on Sign and File your Return 

Taxslayer: 2024 tax refund

* Select “File Now” to submit your Return(s)

Taxslayer: 2024 tax refund

How to File Tax Refund Video Tutorial 


Once everything goes successfully, you should expect payment after 21 days. Note: There are many different Tax Refund Sauce out there you can use, but ensure you know they're working. I will be updating you guys from time to time on my Telegram Channel. The Update pays more than this.