Jungle Money Method: How to Cash Out All Kinds Bank Cards or Credit Card

Jungle Money Method: How to Cash Out All Kinds Bank Cards or Credit Card

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This guide explains how to cash out both US and worldwide CVVs using two well-known payment processors, PayPal and Neteller.

Funds deposited into the accounts are then exchanged for cash, hard currency, Bitcoin or alternative crytocurrencies, or deposited into an E-TRADE Brokerage account acting as our bank drop. We will also create a centralized address drop in the name of our Business PayPal cash out account in an attempt to receive both the PayPal and E-TRADE debit cards and/or hard currency under multiple names.

Our goal in this guide is to create and grow three components in our virtual working area:

  • An organized group of VPS/RDPs for long term PayPal administration.
  • A small, turn-key merchant gateway to manage our PayPal transfers disguised as digital download sales.
  • Organized group of PayPal and Neteller accounts to move and consolidate funds once they have left front line accounts.

I don't like working within the context of only one or two PayPal accounts. It doesn't allow for much testing and you're exposing yourself to risk by linking your accounts together, just transferring back and forth between the two.

Instead we are going to cloak our transfers within the context of high value digital download products to keep each "class" of PayPal accounts separate. In the event that one of our accounts becomes limited, we just cut if off and buy another one.

I prefer to purchase PayPal accounts with both bank and credit card verified. We are not going to attach an E-TRADE account to every PayPal account, just our Business cash out account. The accounts first in line to receive funds will not use a bank drop at all. They are purchased preconfigured with both VBA and VCC and are used to temporarily hold and then move after a standard waiting or "cooling off" period of 24 - 72 hours after funds are deposited.

This guide also provides several resources to manage your data and identify successful trends so you can make better purchasing decisions when shopping for CV data.

One credit card's Bank Identification Number, or BIN, may work well for online clothing purchases but may not necessarily translate to an approved transaction directly through PayPal or Neteller and vice versa.

This guide attempts to take all of this into consideration and list options for any level of CV. Three methods are outlined in order of safety, efficiency and amount. The same priority is applied to the methods of withdrawing, our first being the PayPal MasterCard debit and last being VirWox as a USD/BTC/PayPal exchanger. Let's begin.

The Environment

We are going to rely on several components to build an assembly line of PayPal accounts capable of receiving, consolidating, and cashing out funds on a rolling schedule.

Our PayPal accounts are sectioned off, away from the accounts that exchange our funds for cash.

We will be creating a quick, turn-key digital download store-front using Sellfy to transfer funds to a Business PayPal account.

Rather than worry about VCCs and VBAs that may potentially get your account limited, we will source our PayPal accounts from a third party.

This Site sells clean, verified PayPal accounts with no transaction history that we are going to use for both our front line accounts, each acting the repository for clean, semi-clean, and dirty funds, as well as our PayPal Business cash out accounts.

The Business account can be used to purchase assets that are easily exchanged to cash such as foreign currency or bullion, or we can try to get our hands on the PayPal MasterCard debit by using an expat forwarding service based in Florida. We'll also open and attach an E-TRADE Brokerage account that includes an International debit card.


BuyVCC sells verified PayPal accounts with 3 - 5 day turnaround and 30 day guarantee. They are clean accounts, not hacked, and do not have any transaction history aside from a $1.95

positive balance when the account is delivered to you.

Once the accounts are funded we make our purchases, or "transfers", into our single Business account, which by now is synonymous with our cash out account. If you plan to secure a US drop address using My.US it may be best to coordinate with BuyVCC to arrange for an address in the proximity of Sarasota, Florida.

The accounts do not come with enough personal information to open PayPal MasterCard debit cards. We'll cover that later in the document.

You'll receive 10% off your order by paying in Bitcoin (powered by Coinbase) making each Premier account or "Triple" package only $67.00.

Create VPS (RDP) in Amazon EC2

Some people may scoff at the idea of using RDPs within EC2 to manage PayPal accounts. What they fail to realize is that Internet giants including reddit, Instagram, Netflix, as well as many content distribution networks use EC2 for their infrastructure. We utilize Elastic IP Addressing or EIP meaning that our IP address is released back into the customer pool as soon as we are done with it, rending IP- based security policies nearly impossible to enforce with massive blowback from the customer experience. That's not as complicated as it may sound. We don't require much.

We can exist in the pre-sales space for as long as we need to. Read about the introductory Amazon Web Services free usage tier Here

We can do the following within the free introduction period —

  • 750ht plato AmurLinouMour trune ustin us of memory and 32-bit and
  • 750 hours of Amazon EC2 Microsoft Windows Server‡ Micro Instance usage (613 MB of memory and 32-bit and 64-bit platform support) - enough hours to run continuously each month*

We are specifically interested in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). All that is required is an Amazon account that has never signed up for AWS. Register and sign into the Console -

You are met with the entire list of AS product offerings Click Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in the You may create server instances in the regions all over the world, or, as Amazon calls them, Availability


US East (Northern Virginia) us-east-1

US West (Oregon) us-west-2

US West (Northern California) us-west-1

EU (Ireland) eu-west-1

Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Asia Pacific (Sydney) ap-southeast-2

Asia Pacific (Tokyo) ap-northeast-1

South America (Sao Paulo) sa-east-1

** Not all Availability Zones are eligible for the free usage tier

Within the main EC2 dashboard you will see a large blue button for "Launch Instance". This is where we are going to configure and launch our Windows Server.

Choose the following towards the bottom of the list of Operating Systems - 

Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Datacenter edition, 64-bit architecture. (English]

Micro instances are eligible for the AWS free usage tier. For the first 12 months following your AWS sign- up date, you get up to 750 hours of micro instances each month. When your free usage tier expires or if your usage exceeds the free tier restrictions, you pay standard, pay-as-you-go service rates.

Check that port 389 is open for RDP on the security group settings otherwise you will not be able to connect to your instance. You will need to create a key pair to decrypt your password for the initial connection. Follow the directions on the key pair creation screen and save it to an encrypted volume. Give your instance about 30-40 minutes to spool up completely. When your instance shows the green indicator mark and you see it is running, choose connect. Enter the key that you just created to decrypt your Windows Admin password.

To create a shortcut click

Start -> Run > mstsc

Click "Show Options" and enter your ElP or public DNS details, Administrator credentials including password, and save the shortcut on your desk top.Unless you choose otherwise, your instance will launch immediately after creation and you will begin to incur charges until you manually shut it down.

If you do not plan to use your VPS right away, be sure to suspend it otherwise you'll burn through your "free usage tier" credits.

The main EC2 dashboard here shows four VPS instances in a stopped state.

Name each instance using the email address of your PayPal account. When you are ready to connect to that user's profile, simply right click the instance, click Start, and wait until the instance state has turned to green/running before attempting to connect using your RDP shortcut.

IMPORTANT: Enable Termination Protection on your instances! Don't learn the hard way! You can keep your RDP shortcuts together in a folder or you may choose to use a front end manager like RemoteNG to manage multiple user profiles within a single interface, shown below.

Log into your RDP and begin installing your applications and preferred web browsers, etc., but do not begin personalizing anything to a particular account just yet. Once you have completed installing your applications and updated your settings to your liking, log off the RDP and cleanly power down the instance in the EC2 dashboard by right-clicking its name and choosing "Stop". Not


Once fully stopped, right click on the instance and choose "Create Image" like shown below:

You will be prompted to give your image unique identifiers in case you are planning to manage multiple Amazon Machine Images or AMls. Since this is going to be the baseline desktop environment for our future desktop environments, we are going to name this one "clean_rdp".

Click "Create Image" to begin the creation process.

You will be prompted with a confirmation screen and you can click through to check the status your image. It will take several minutes to complete.

What we've done here is create a baseline image that all your future PayPal account administration RDPs will be based off of. So the order of events in your PayPal assembly line is to purchase an account from BuyVCC then launch a new EC2 instances from your clean copy.

Choose "AMI" from the left hand menu and look for the image that you took of your original instance with the name you gave it. Our example is "clean_rdp".

Choose it, click "Launch" and configure instance details to align with the free-usage tier.

This new instance is and launched and appended to the list of available instances in your main EC2 dashboard. All your programs are installed already and everything is ready to be built around the profile of your new user account details.

Amazon EC2 Alternatives

If you do not have an access to an Amazon account that is eligible for free usage tier you can look into other VPS/cloud providers. The interface and pricing structure is somewhat similar but our theory remains the same. Create one VPS and clone it for each of our PayPal accounts.

Alternative 1

Alternative 2

List of VPS providers that accept BTC: Alternative3

Alternatively you can purchase VPN with dedicated IP in nearly any country in the world for as little as $6.00 per month.

Alternative 4

Alternative 5

If you have no intention of keeping each user's cookie history, you can manage all of your account from a single local user profile. PayPal account would be bound to its unique 1P address base on what VPN you’re paired with it 

If the idea of binding your activities to a single IP address bothers you, good. It should.

Unfortunately that's exactly what we have to do if you want to build a legitimate history with PayPal. The painless transactions in the future will more than make up the administrative overhead. Create an additional Windows user for each of your PayPal accounts. Each of these profiles can be light. Not many applications are needed. Just be sure to keep your user data profile directories full of your account history.

IMPORTANT: Think about your organizational structure before committing to any changes. Are you in the habit of running BleachBit constantly? If so, there's no real point in keeping user profiles separate as the only benefit is each user's unique IP address delegated by you to your VPN client. d. My.US address (optional)

We are going to use a reshipping service to allow our PayPal Business account and its "employees" an American address to receive PayPal and E*TRADE debit cards. Their primary market is reshipping International Amazon orders but we are going to use the Premium + Mail package under our Business PayPal account to receive mail on behalf of our "employees" using the USPS 1583 form.

You are simply allowing My. US to act as the agent to forward mail rather than actively changing any addresses. You list all of your "employees" on the form in section 12 and you may receive and forward documents, in their name, only when sent to that address, on behalf of your company.

You are not disrupting regular mail service because only the name, not address, is listed on the form and never submitted anywhere. It is kept just like an I-9 employment form. No one looks at it until it's needed. However, the form must be notarized. You have three options —

  • Go to the local US consulate and have it notarized
  • Have the form notarized by friend / relative / notary
  • Buy a notary stamp from Here or Here

If overseas, you can simply have the form notarized at the Consulate and add additional names in section 12 befor you submit it to My.US


Sellfy is a turn-key solution for anyone to sell digital download products through a simple and intuitive interface, we are going to use these products to transfer funds between our front line worker bees and our business account(s). Sign up an account and begin creating products in the denomination you’re preparing to transfer. You’ll need to be creative if you plan on moving larger amounts of money through the Sellfy gateway.

Some examples include:

  • AutoCAD plugins
  • Adobe Photoshop or Premier Plugins
  • Audio Sample Packs
  • Scientific Journals
  • Marine chart books or sailing maps
  • Trade Show Registrations
  • TEFL Education materials

There are plenty of products that can safely disguise your 3 and 4 digit transfers rather than relying $3.99 smartphone apps.

By default, each product will have its own sales page with shortened URL. You have three options with your Sellfy merchant gateway. Choose whatever is appropriate for the amount and frequency of your future transfers.

$ - Bookmark each individual product page for later use.

$$ - Complete your Sellfy profile, social media presence, and create a product wall.

$$$ - Build a third party web store using a management plugin such as the WordPress Sellfy Buy It Now button. (Most logical for Four Horsemen readers)

Data Management

Purchasing CVVs is a gamble unless you know how to validate and organize your data. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to funding your PayPal account. We need to understand and identify the appropriate tools for each task. Even if you are just beginning and do not yet have a preferred BINs list you should get into the habit of researching your bases, no matter how small.

For example, you've acquired a lot of 20 CVs from an auto-shop that advertised 70% validity.

We're not going to use the shop's checker since we don't want to check and purchase from the same place. We are still going to check our cards, but only by our standards. We may not want to check all of them, or only check the cards once we've identified the issuing bank, i.e., BIN.


We'll enter our list of CVVs into a text editor like Notepad++and extract the entire column of the first six digits of each card number by holding Ctrl + Alt, then copying the entire column to a new file.

The first six digits are extracted and entered into a new text file.

Worldwide BIN directory

This site is a simple but invaluable resource to identify and organize your BINs. We can enter our column of BINs straight from our text file into the search field.

Search results are returned in the format shown below —


Validate card data using Luhn algorithm. Check 3DS (VBV/MSC) security. Check validity.

If you are not familiar with 3DS security, 

Read More Here

Say what you will about checking CVs, this site deserves to be mentioned. I have personally used this checker and my CVs have stayed alive for months after. CV data can be parsed from text files uploaded in zip archives. The parser can effortlessly extract valid data from the messiest of text files. Highly recommended for those who like to check their cards. Their business is data integrity.

UCheck will just check if the card is live, though. A merchant code cannot be confused with an authorized purchase. You may use a variety of tools to make purchases on a "trial" or preauthorization basis, meaning the transaction is staggered up to 30 days before the charge is shown on the card holder bill, if at all.

Authorization tools- 

Tool 1

Tool 2

Tool 3


Not just another auto shop, Uni updates more often than Vault Market but is not nearly as popular, likely due to the $100.00 entry fee, despite being immediately applied to your balance upon registration.

They are a good source for both US and worldwide CV data however their fullz are inconsistent.

Some may have SSN/SOB while others will one have or the other but MMN. Some include 3DS passwords and some don't.

I don't suggest using either of the merchant checkers. However they do have a separate tool to check if a card is attached to a PayPal account, which is the reason they are mentioned in this guide. The bulk PayPal checker is not functional at the time of this writing but you may search one by one using only the card number, no EXP or CVC necessary.

KX - is used in PayPal.

KK - is OK

SSN Finder - SSN / DOB lookup for 3DS password resets

This site is an indispensable resource for turning your CVV data into fullz.

For example, we used Check to validate recently purchased CVV data and we see that one of our cards had a 3DS secure BIN but was not currently using the feature on the card. They may not use this card for online purchases or simply have registered with 3DS yet.

It is generally understood that you'll need the card holder's Social Security Number (SSN), Date of Birth (DOB), and, in some cases, Mother's Maiden Name (MMN) to set or reset the password.

4147183094317783 | 07/16 | 684 | Urvashi Patel | 320 Trail St. | Madera | CA | 93637

So we check all the information on the card holder against whatever is returned from our query.

We'll use the default fields of First and Last name but change the custom field to state.

While it's a relatively unique name, our search for "Urvashi Patel" returned 23 results, nearly all from California, but we can cross reference unique identifiers, in this case State, from our data against the returned results.

Using a little deductive reasoning we are then able to reset or change the 3DS password when prompted during our purchase.

You'll need to keep your future search criteria in mind when shopping around for CVs you expect to turn into fullz. Many directories such as This One or even This One will not have data for people born after 1985. 


One of the most important components of our operation, Zapili offers custom document scan services

for the following countries -

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Netherland
  • Switzerland
  • Spain

Photo ID, passport, utility bills, credit and gift cards can be customized and delivered in less than one minute.

The average cost of each document is $11.00 at the time of this writing. An example template is shown below. The nine required fields are listed to the right in red.

We can validate the MRZ details (machine readable zone) of the passport by checking the data with UniquelD -

Encode MRZ

Decode MRZ

PayPal Overview

At this point we should have a general understanding of each of the components in our virtual assembly line of PayPal accounts and user profiles and how to manage them concurrently.

This section will outline how to structure our PayPal accounts so that we may safely receive funds from our front line and move them to our cash out accounts) on a regular, interruptible basis.

Even if accounts on the front line become limited due to dirty transactions we can continue safely making purchases against our Sellfy gateway. Our environment allows us to remove one of the front line PayPal accounts without jeopardizing any of our other resources since none of the front line accounts are linked together and the only transfers happen within the context of a digital download purchase.

Your three Premier accounts act as worker bees to accept funds from a variety of sources which will be covered later in the document.

The sellfy payment gateway act as the gatekeeper and delegate your transaction through the use of digital download products in whatever among you choose. Your digital download product act just as efficiently as regular transfers within the PayPal dashboard but they are safely outside the context of invoicing or sending money to friends and family,”. Rarely will see you “you are unable to process your payment right now…” especially keeping a regular purchase schedule.

Your Business account acts as the single repository for all front line accounts and is linked to an E-TRADE Brokerage account and debit card either to replace or supplement the PayPal MasterCard debit.

PAYPAL Funding


The premise of this method is that we purchase gift cards that exist within the PayGarden network in exchange for cash. Cash, in this case, that is automatically deposited to our PayPal account.

For the purposes of this guide we use Bass Pro Shops as the gift card vendor and This Site as the exchange broker.

Toys R Us, Eastern Sports, Barnes and Noble, as well as many other retailers offer gift cards with PIN. You may choose to use the gift card like cash with select retailers using the PayGarden network, such as Private Internet Access.

Use an email provider that is not immediately recognized as “free”, such as Outlook

Email delivery should take approximately 1-2 hours if your card was approved. You may or may not receive an email confirmation if your card was declined. If you have been waiting for 6 hours on a slow shopping afternoon in the US, your transaction may have been declined on the backend processing.

Once you have the email with both your card and the PIN, go to The Site and create a Personal account. You are not eligible to be a bulk seller yet.

Choose "Sell Gift Cards” at the very bottom of the page.

Choose "Bass Pro" as the merchant and enter the value of the card. You must explicitly choose that you have the PIN or else you cannot cash out via PayPal and it will default to hard copy check.

You should expect 112 USD returned for every 150 gift card sold.

Choose again to receive funds via PayPal and confirm that you will provide the code online instead of mailing a physical card.

Enter the credentials of your PayPal account that will act as the recipient for this transaction.

You must provide a card to charge in case the funds are reversed from within The Site. Use the same CV as you used to purchase the original gift voucher. A single dollar authorization is placed on the card while the validity of the Bass Pro card is checked. They are not related. You may use another card if you have to.

You should receive a confirmation email once the gift voucher has been validated. If you are this far along then it's just a matter of waiting your turn in line. The recipient will also receive an email confirmation once the funds are released into the PayPal account.

If all goes well you should have the funds in your PayPal account no more than 6 hours after the original purchase of the PayGarden voucher.

Your transactions may fail for the any number of the following reasons:

  • Incorrect user agent string
  • Invalid data
  • Incorrect keyboard language
  • Incorrect Time Zone
  • DNS leak
  • IP address flag for suspicious activity 
  • Merchant called issuing bank for telephone verification
  • “Stale” cookies that conflict with the user you’re trying to mimic
  • Incorrect SOCKS configuration 
  • SMS notification 
  • Credit monitoring service

Some retailers will use telephone verification before releasing the PIN of the gift card. You’ll receive email notifications but it will seems as the email wasn’t delivered 

Use a Google Voice number with matching area code during checkout to handle this problem if and when it happens.


GiftRocket is admittedly very difficult and will likely cause you a bit of frustration but it's worth mentioning because it is fast and efficient and works well for high value transactions regardless if the card is already attached to another PayPal account.

Do not consider your transactions complete until you have the funds safely in your account, even if you have successfully reset the 3DS password and you have your gift voucher. GiftRocket will likely wait until you try to redeem the voucher before verifying by telephone. Their entire business model is just adding $7.00 to transactions so eating the cost of a $200.00 fraudulent transaction is very expensive for this company.

Oddly enough their primary customer base seems to be young women who solicit men online for gifts and other things. Camgirls looking for "sugar daddies". Many camgirl forums act as unofficial customer support channels for this rebadged Western Union-esque service.


xClick is the dirtiest of all funding sources. All we are doing is manipulating an HTML form called "_xlick" and entering our transaction details just like we were prompting a customer to pay for their purchase from our web site or application. What is difficult about this method is that there is literally nothing between the dirty transaction and the PayPal account, unlike how we used a PayGrand Vendor. 

Once you've successfully identified a CV that is not already attached to a PayPal account, you must also make sure your account is capable of actually receiving deposits directly using the “_xclick” HTML form. Otherwise you risk limiting your account. That usually means business or premier status at the very least, as it should be. A buy now button is outside the context of a simple personal account. 

You are essentially sacrificing your PayPal account in the event that anything goes wrong, i.e., a chargeback. Be sure you know what you're doing and only commit to change what is reversible or what you are comfortable losing. This is a good way to get your account limited but it's not impossible if you are diligent about your data. You cannot type in card details until you find one that "works" so do your research beforehand.

It's because of this that I suggest instead to cloak "dirty" funds inside PayGarden transactions.

While it may be more labor intensive and certainly not as sexy or glamorous, you do not risk losing your account to security measures that are in place when you are banging on the front door, so to speak.

Regardless, Click still a viable way to fund the account since we aren't actively exploiting anything. This is the same HTML form used by stores powered by PayPal.

Our success is determined by the quality of our data and the quality of the account.

The following code creates a single Buy Now button configured to our account.

For this example we are going to use the following values for what is highlighted above in red.

PAYPAL ACCOUNT ADDRESS = monkey@business.com


ITEM NAME = McDonald's Breakfast


Enter the form into an HTML editor and preview your page in a new window the new page should be nothing but the familiar Buy Now Button.

through we will see our transactiondetails populated on PayPal's page, prompting us for our card data.

PayPal Cashing Out

PayPal MasterCard Debit

The number one priority for anyone working with PayPal should be the PayPal MasterCard debit.

Not the prepaid PayPal branded cards that you may see in corner stores. This is a debit card issued by PayPal through Bancorp.

The downside here is that BuyVCC does not use SSN / DOB when opening the accounts. It would be illegal to do so. More than likely your PayPal account was created and delivered using completely bogus information, if even the address shows verified.

We're going to need to work backwards and try to tie our new PayPal account to a real person and use their credentials to apply for the card. We can meet all the criteria with a the same background check used to open E - TRADE accounts. You can also use This again just as we did to turn our CVs into fullz or, ideally, use a full background and credit report like you'll use for your E-TRADE account. Remember the names must match exactly.

Before working with Buy VCC you may be able to request an account created close to your drop location but you'll need to apply for the card on your own. If you plan to use My.US as your drop address your account needs to be in the proximity of Sarasota, Florida.

Purchase Altcoins

It's possible to purchase BTC using PayPal from a variety of sellers on LocalBitcoins but they operate on the same premise as ticket scalpers on eBay. You order a toy car for X amount of USD and that toy car includes a fraction of one BTC or whatever amount was agreed upon. Your coins are held in escrow until your toy car arrives and you sign off that the item was received in good condition, etc., including all details that make it impossible for you to dispute the transaction.

If you have the patience to wait several weeks for your BTC to arrive, this is actually quite a viable way to purchase large amounts of BTC using your dedicated Business account once you've established history and trust with your seller.

However, many obscure altcoins are so desperate for credibility that you can easily find sellers willing to accept PayPal.

Be sure to cross reference the exchange rate to BTC on the Crypto index. some Altoona are worth so literally millions of them to make it worth pursuing. The math may seems obvious but the downside is that the volume is so low that sometimes you're capping out at

100 USD transactions.

It’s best to dedicate your business cashout account to build a history on all major markets that accept PayPal, notably localDogecoin and private sellers in nearly cryptocurrency subreddits on Reddit. 

Top 15 Alt Currencies

VertCoin Market


Purchase currency on eBay

It's generally understood that reselling electronics at less than MSRP is the norm. Instead of using your Business cash out account to purchase iPhones or tablets and potentially risking a loss, you can just as easily purchase 1,000 USD blocks of gray area currency such as Iraqi Dinars.

Depending on your situation you may opt to purchase more traditional items such as gold bullion.

However, collectable and/or gray area products such as the Dinars usually have much lower security standards and more delivery options such as no signature required if sent USPS Priority making the notes painlessly reshipped by your My.US address in Florida.


We are not using VirWox as a means to purchase BTC!

The primary focus of our VIrWox account will be cashing out BTC to our worker bee PayPal accounts on the front line so we can layer our clean transactions with dirty transactions.

Despite the fees, this is a clean quick and nearly instant way to bridge the income from Neteller account to your PayPal account, ideally MasterCard Debit, since we are not eligible to receive the net+ to our us drop address 


Armed with a simple background check that includes details such as driver's license number and recent employment history, opening an E-TRADE Brokerage account is fast, simple, and perfect for our use.

You will be very hard pressed to find a banking institution more willing to take your money than E-TRADE.

IMPORTANT: For each applicant you will need:

  • Residential Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number or EIN
  • Employer name and Address

Brokerage accounts require a minimum deposit of $500 within 60 days of opening to remain active.

The name on your account must match your PayPal account exactly or your deposits will not go through.

Your account must be fully active, meaning the minimum has been deposited, before you can apply for the debit card.

Linking your E-TRADE brokerage account to your cash out PayPal Business account is just as easy as opening the brokerage account itself.

Log in to PayPal. Choose "Profile" from the menu on the top of the screen and click on "Bank Accounts."

Click "Link a bank."

Enter "056073573" as your bank routing number.*

Type your E-TRADE account number as the bank account number. Click "Continue."

* This Is Your Routing Number For E-TRADE

Learn More Here

Wait three days. Log in to your E-TRADE account. Find two small deposits that list PayPal as the depositing bank.

Go to your profile and click "Bank Accounts." Click "Confirm." Enter the deposit amounts that are on your E-TRADE statement. Click "Submit."

Transfer money to your E-TRADE from PayPal and vice versa just as you would any other bank account.

Simply log in to your PayPal account, click on "Withdraw Funds" and transfer the amount you need into your E-TRADE account. If you want to transfer funds from E-TRADE to PayPal, click on "Add

Money" and transfer the money from E-TRADE to PayPal.

We can take this further and request a debit card shipped to our drop that is linked to our Brokerage account, just like the PayPal account is linked to the MasterCard debit. You may also link the account to various USD/BTC exchangers using the same routing and account number as we used with PayPal.

No Bitcoins? No problem. Do some research and try your hand at choosing stocks or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), commonly known as mutual funds.



Spread the love. Find an emerging market ETF and take solace knowing that your work is helping build the infrastructure of a developing country.

Reap all the benefits of a Brokerage account and debit card that can be used at any ATM in the world, all without filing capital gains taxes.

PayPal Account Juggling

TinKode aka Razvan Cernaianu @!!!!!!.com released a brief explanation of what he believed to be a hole is PayPal’s Buyer Protection.

Here is the original, unedited article –

[ Intro ]

In the following lines I will explain to you a method by which you can double the money in your PayPal account... endlessly. You probably believe that I have found a web vulnerability of some sort. Unfortunately, it's something much worse. To be more exact: it's a problem with their TOS.

[ The Story ]

Back in the year 2010 I made a transaction using PayPal with a person who tried to scam me using the chargeback function. As I never held my money on that PayPal account, I transferred them to my other (real) account. After a month when I re-checked the second PayPal account I noticed that my account balance was negative; respectively: -50$. That made me wonder a little bit. 

Why? Because it made me think of a situation which would later prove to be the perfect method of doubling your money through PayPal services.

[ Reporting ]

I reported the method to PayPal through their Bug Bounty, thinking they would offer some feedback and that they would take note of it; even though it does not represent a web vulnerability. But as I expected, their answer was the following

(after around one and a half months):

Thank you for your patience while we completed our investigation. After reviewing your submission we have determined this is not a Bug Bounty issue, but one of our Protection Policy. While the abuse described here is possible in our system, repeated abusive behavior by the same and/or linked account(s) is addressed.

Thank you for your participation in our program. Thanks, eBay, Inc Bug Bounty Team Receiving such an answer, I consider there is nothing wrong in making these details public.

[ Proof Of Concept ]

Let's begin. In the first phase, you need three PayPal accounts as shown in the image below:

One account is the real one (verified with our personal card) and the other two are verified using a

VCC or VBA (VCC = Virtual Credit Card / VBA = Virtual Bank Account).

What is a VCC / VBA?

Virtual credit cards (sometimes called controlled payment numbers) are one service fraud. Wyle they hows their dist want ges, the te one of tie gest online sotect gainst measures currently available.

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So for example, you have 500$ on your account. You transfer the money to the second account with the pretext of buying a phone. From the second account you again transfer the money to the third account as a gift. After 24 hours, use the chargeback function from the first account (the real one) to get the money back, with the excuse that the phone did not arrive on time.

PayPal will initiate a process where both sides bring evidence for their defence. Obviously you will only send evidence from the first account showing that you were scammed. At the end of the trial the money will be restored to the primary account and the second account will have a negative balance of -500$. This way, you doubled the initial amount of money because you still have 500$ in the third account. As the second account is only virtual one, it will not have real money from which PayPal can extract. Therefore you are left with 500$ restored by PayPal, and 500$ in your third account.

If we consider this on a grander scale with 20 people for example, each with 500$ -- they would make roughly 10,000$ in 3 weeks.

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This method is similar to what was referred to as "check juggling" in the 1980s when paper checks were popular. People would take advantage of the 2-3 day lead time of manual check deposits and holding periods.

The concept is not new and it’s certainly not my idea but I included it in this guide because by using the components we built for our PayPal assembly line; it’s quite easy to do with the addition of just one Business account.

An invoice is generated from the new Business account and is paid then disputed by one of our front line worker bee accounts.

The funds are then deposited into our Business cash out account by way of our Sellfy gateway. We’re controlling all three accounts so the resolution in either favor doesn’t matter.


Neteller is an electronic currency/wallet service owned and operated by publicly traded British global payments company Optimal Payments PLC and is most often used for online gambling.

Neteller wants to enable the user's compulsive gambling habits, they allow up to 10 transactions a day, but we have a soft limit on the total amount of money deposited per day until the card is verified along with ID.


The average transaction limit for one unverified card is $250.00. You may choose to call the issuing bank and ask for the unique authorization code but it’s not necessary and should be reserved for premium BINs that can actually support high amounts.

Otherwise, if we were to ignore the card verification but successful y charge and transfer a $250.00 transaction into a verified Neteller account using only the components described here, it’s a $227.00 return on our $23.00 investment which includes the cost of scans.

Data from Netherlands CVV is entered into Zapili, using a bogus passport number but correct MRZ. This scan is uploaded to Neteller through the NetVerify service and our account should be verified within a few hours. You will receive an email and your account dashboard shows the updated status.

Now you’re able to fund your account using either the CVV in the name of the registered account holder or a CVV with EU NON-AVS BIN. By structuring our Neteller accounts like our PayPal accounts, we’re able to realize $500.00 - $1,000.00 with just three successful transactions across as many accounts, all without the need to speak to any Customer Service Representative.

Just like our PayPal accounts it is good practice to let the funds sit in the Neteller account for at least 24 hours. We’re able to easily move and consolidate funds into a dedicated Neteller administrative account linked to a LocalBitcoins account.


List Of LocalBitcoin Neteller Sellers

At any moment we have option to stop the loop and cash out to BTC, PayPal, or E-TRADE just as easily as we do with our PayPal Business account. They accounts can be separate or consolidated in the virtual space. We need to remember that Neteller is based in the EU and does not support US deposits meaning that you will not be able to receive the Neteller Net+ MasterCard debit unless you have an EU forwarding address.

You’ll notice the graphic shows LocalBitcoins routing back to VirWox and then again to PayPal. Why? You may choose to route your Neteller funds back to your front line PayPal accounts, using BTC as the vehicle, to create a never-ending loop effect of layering clean, non-disputable funds in tandem with dirty funds to exercise transaction history across all front line accounts, consolidating the two.

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