Carding Tutorial: Tip to Cart Phone With AT&T

Are you interested in carding tutorials, your are in the right, best article. In this article I will be teaching us the method to cart phone with credit card on AT&T. For like few months ago now, I’ve been writing a article to teach people on how to make use of internet, most people always get into my DMs and ask me how do people (fraudstars) do carding online. 

Warning 🚸 : The purpose of this article is to spread awareness about carding and other illegal activities that goes on, on the dark web. The Below information is only for educational purpose, I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Carding Required Tools

• Breathe… before we commence the carding tutorial you most firstly these stuffs below 👇 

  1. VPN / Socks 5 or even RDP.
  2. A carder need a shipping drop/Address to receive carded products. 
  3. A carder need life CC can be two or more. 
  4. A PC/Mobile with a great internet access.
  5. A carder most be knowledgeable. 

What is Carding ?

Due to my own understanding I can define carding: Carding is a process whereby scammers uses stolen credit cards to buy items on the internet without the credit cards owners authorization, from what I know scammers no longer use credit cards direct for online purchase, They first use the credit cards for Gift Cards, Since most websites accept gift cards, Carders uses the gifts' cards to make purchases to cover up the tracks. Now that you know what carding is let's get started.

Beginner and Advanced guide in carding online

Now before anything firstly you need to have in mind is that carding is an illegal activate so you first needs to protect your self that's why you need good VPN, SOCK5 OR RDP, the use of this tools is to protect you from tracking and tracing. so first things make sure you have a premium CCleaner installed. use the CCleaner to clear your browser cookies and creche. The second most important thing you  will need to install is your VPN. With VPN you can use Express VPN, or Any Premium VPN you know. 

Let’s get started with this update that my homies have been chopping few weeks ago. 

This tutorial will need a live cc with balance to make the down payment of the orders.  

Note: with this states, you can get a live credit card with no balance but can work perfectly;
  1. Alaska state (tax free)
  2. Montana
  3. Oregon
  4. New Hampshire
These are all tax free state that you can chop them with just a live cc with no balance. 


To be continue …..